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We estimate Baker Brother Electric’s crews routinely install over 3 million feet of power, data, fiber, fire, and alarm cabling per year. Since our inception, that’s enough electrical cable to have circled the globe over 14 TIMES!

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Commercial / Industrial Power Factor Correction

Click on this PDF link for complete information on Power Factor Correction and a partial list of Commercial & Industrial Incentives for 2010.

OG&E has received permission from the Corporation Commission to raise the power factor that they bill Commercial/Industrial customers from 80% to 85%. Power Factor (PF) is the effectiveness which a system converts volt-amperes to watts. OG&E is planning to install new meters (if not already in place) with the capability of measuring power factor. OG&E will (and currently does for some customers) bill for bad power factor as a multiplier to the demand charge.

Baker Brothers Electric can measure your power factor, using our Power Quality metering equipment, and let you know your actual power factor. Then we can evaluate the most cost effective measures to achieve power factor above 85% for your distribution system. The main advantage will be lower electric bills. A secondary advantage is that higher power factor also reduces load on your distribution equipment which can free up additional power for future equipment and remove heat from your existing equipment that is near capacity.

The good news is that OG&E will introduce some attractive incentive programs in early 2010 for the customers who reduce their energy use.

We will also gladly provide a quote for any retrofit work that would benefit your bottom-line as a result of the 2010 incentive programs. These incentives go directly to you, the customer, from OG&E.