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We estimate Baker Brother Electric’s crews routinely install over 3 million feet of power, data, fiber, fire, and alarm cabling per year. Since our inception, that’s enough electrical cable to have circled the globe over 14 TIMES!

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LED Retrofitting and Upgrading

Retrofitting is a term often used when converting older, outdated lighting technologies such as fluorescent, CFL, and HID (metal halide) to a newer energy efficient technology, like a LED system. As a result, energy efficiency, energy savings, and quality of light all increase. Many people do not realize that converting to a new lighting system does not have to be an expensive out of pocket cost.

There are many programs that are aiding businesses in updating their outdated lights. Baker Brothers Electric is experienced in working with local utility companies to gain incentives and rebates to allow customers to convert to LEDs for low prices. We offer ultra efficient and the top of the line interior and exterior LED lighting systems. Improve the appearance of your facility, save money, and lessen your environmental impact with Baker Brothers Electric, your expert for LED lighting.