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Interesting Fact

We estimate Baker Brother Electric’s crews routinely install over 3 million feet of power, data, fiber, fire, and alarm cabling per year. Since our inception, that’s enough electrical cable to have circled the globe over 14 TIMES!

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Office, Manufacturing, and Warehouse In Plant Services

Baker Brothers Electric will respond to your service call at the speed of light… or at least the speed of a cell phone. Most service calls are handled within 24 hours. We can respond to emergencies much sooner.

We own all the equipment and tools required for most service work. That means Baker Brothers Electric can provide you with the best possible service, at the most reasonable cost, with less downtime for your company.

Our philosophy has always been if we need a particular piece of equipment more than twice, we should probably own it. This keeps our operating costs down, improves our response time, and ultimately saves you money.