Baker Brothers Electric, Inc.



I would like to take the time to give you my personal evaluation of Baker Brothers Electrical with regard to the recently completed project Lowes of Moore, Oklahoma. Let me start by saying in the beginning I was a little unsure of how your performance would be based on the amount of manpower we were given early on. As a general contractor no one likes to hear about heavy work loads and tight schedules elsewhere as they should not have any affect on my project, but we all know this is sometimes the case.

The key to be able to manage a project properly with this problem is to make sure that the personnel that are placed in this situation are capable of handling it and keeping the project going in a positive direction through coordination and the ability to shuffle around the manpower given to complete the "MOST IMPORTANT" task on a day to day basis. On this project we were fortunate enough to have just the person, Doug Lawson. I thought he did a good job of not only managing this projectwith limited manpower early on, but also an excellent job of keeping this organized as other schedules allowed this project to be flooded with manpower later to make up for some time and maintain schedule.

During the process of increasing manpower by large numbers, the most importatn thing is to have qualified people, which I would like to say on this project we were given a lot of good people to compliment those already in place and get the project completed actually "slightly" ahead of the intended completion date. I have enjoyed the opportunity to work with Baker Brothers Electric, and if I ever end up back in the area I would hope to work with you again. I wish you a lot of success in the future.

Ed Boothe / Project Superintendent

James R. Vannoy & Sons Construction