Baker Brothers Electric, Inc.


To Whom it May Concern:

A la mode, Inc has been working with Baker Brothers Elelctric for 8 years exclusively, we do not invite other companies to price, bid or compete in electrical contracts due to our total confidence in their knowledge, quality of work and pricing. We don't waste time acquiring multiple pricing or putting out to bid projects whether it be splitting and doubling the size of our electrical service or adding another 400kw generator to adding one electrical outlet. We just call Baker Brothers Electric.

Because we are a 24/7 business, Baker Brothers personnel have worked almost in every case while our employees are near or in very close proximity, we have not had one occasion of danger or incident due to their diligent efforts of consideration and safety. In closing, our customers depend on A la mode to provide constant, uninterrupted service. We depend on Baker Brothers and they have never let us down. There is no higher recommendation or praise we could give them than the one they have earned, Baker Brothers Electric is the Best!

Sincerely, Kenneth G. Colwell, Facilities Manager

A la mode, Inc.